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Pack Heavy, Chase Light is back for a second season, and this time we have Thomas Molin at the helm. Thomas is a hustler and at the time of filming he had between four and six projects on the go at once. This included running his restaurant, Asian Post Office, in Stockholm and going on tour with Swedish House Mafia. Thomas is a big believer in not pinning yourself to one job, instead seeing the strength of having a host of projects and tasks you can get stuck into that will keep you curious.

Rumor has it Thomas is never not smiling. His personality is magnetic with friends describing him as a 'black-belt, Gandalf kind of guy when it comes to networking'. Having spent a few days with him, there is genuinely no better way to describe the friendliest, warmest Swede we've ever met.

Thomas knows how to work a room but not in a sleazy, tell-you-everything-you-need-to-hear-and-more kind of a way. He reads people, recognizes how they tick and coasts along complimenting their beat. Anything he can do to lend a hand, he's on it - whether that's bussing tables in his restaurant or flying back and forth between the Alps and Stockholm to accompany his artists. The Swedish DJ, Axwell, describes him as the kind of guy who makes everyone else feel good, and you know what - we stand by that.

What's interesting about Thomas is he has no qualms over the fact he hasn't followed a conventional road to success. He recognizes he gets bored easily, and isn't afraid to jump ship when the excitement wanes. Throughout our lives we have been told that gaps on CVs or holding jobs for less than 18 months are detrimental for our progression. Not for Thomas. He's never said no to a job and is happy to figure it out as he goes, maintaining that not being motivated by money is the real key to his success. 

‘I think you need to have some fun when you’re working, and when you’re not doing the right thing for you that’s when you start quitting because it just tears away all your energy.’

All his jobs and projects are connected by a common thread - entertainment - whether that's touring with Swedish House Mafia or serving up incredible Asian food at Asian Post Office in Stockholm. He's found his passion - providing for people - and quickly worked out how to turn that passion into a career. The result? Juggling four to six projects at once but never once having a stale day in the office. 

‘I’m not stuck to one job - I’ll do any job that comes across me.’

We're here for it. So, sit back, relax and watch Thomas welcome in a shiny new season of Pack Heavy, Chase Light. 

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