Oskar Bakke

This week, Sam's in LA and he and Marcus assist Oskar Bakke on a sunset shoot with his Porsche. Car fanatics, this one's for you.

“Editing a picture can take me a day - I'm not kidding”

Oskar is a perfectionist, or as Db's Creative Director, Marcus Olsson, says; a nerd. He learned photoshop as a teen, and while other kids were out kicking a ball around the park, Oskar was learning about masking, editing and color theory. The result is someone who is incredibly proficient at his game - which is a good thing seeing as car photography involves a lot of reflective surfaces. While many others would have to take their raw files away and edit over a period of weeks, Oskar can just open his laptop on location and in a couple of clicks remove anything he deems an imperfection.

“If you want to make a living out of this you need happy clients.”

His one-the-go edit ability and skill behind the lens are just two of the reasons his clients love him. Throughout this latest episode of Pack Heavy, Chase Light you'll get to know a stand-up, laid-back guy who just loves cars, photoshop and getting


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