Hallvard Kolltveit

“Creativity is your brain making new patterns. Going to new places, meeting new people, learning new cultures.”

This week, Sam heads off to Norway to chat with Hallvard Kolltveit - Db's in house photographer and filmmaker. Hallvard’s job has taken him all around the world - from shooting surf in Hawaii, on a beach with a beer in hand (yes, that’s a real job), to the every changing conditions of Lofoten in Norway. Hallvard has lived out of bags for a long while now, and has mastered the art of economical packing (even cutting his toothbrush in half to save weight). He insists on practicality wherever he goes - only packing things that can double up in uses; jackets that can get you up a mountain and to the pub and bags that can double as a touring bag and a changing room.

“Pack Heavy, Chase lights means you need to bring everything to be prepared for anything.”


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