Aaron Schwartz

"Growing up, Aaron just wanted to design snowboards, and now he’s creative director for a company that doesn’t have graphics yet. He’s super into calligraphy and graphic design in general, and on top of that he’s an amazing photographer." - Sam Moody

We couldn't have come up with a better introduction to Korua's Aaron Schwartz, so decided we may as well just quote Sam directly. For this episode of Pack Heavy, Chase Light we send Sam to Switzerland. There, Aaron offers up a 'short hike' which turned into one so long they had to catch a train home. Thankfully, this gave them plenty of time to get to know one another and in this short, xxx minute episode, they cover A LOT of ground.

Aaron has been in the game a long time and whittled a career that anyone would be envious of. He knows how to play the game and how to ensure you always bring your all to the design table. He finds inspiration from the world and the people around him, and looks to those who came before him to spark his design process.

"A piece of advice for an up and coming creative is the first thing I learned in art school; learn how to borrow creatively and make something your own."


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