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Travel with our versatile luggage sets, perfect for any adventure.

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Luggage set

When choosing a great luggage set, prioritize durability, ease of use, and thoughtful storage features. Opt for materials that withstand travel stresses, and ensure the set has sturdy wheels, comfortable handles, and multiple compartments with secure closures to keep your belongings organized and safe. Regarding sizes, look for a set where each piece complements the others. A carry-on is essential for short trips or keeping essentials close on longer journeys, a medium-sized piece is versatile for longer stays or solo travel, and the largest size is perfect for extended vacations or family travel. Together, these sizes offer flexibility, enabling you to select the right one for any trip or use them all to meet comprehensive travel needs. Discover Db:s range of luggage sets here or by scrolling up.

Luggage sets can be a smart choice if you travel often and need different sizes for various trips. Buying a set might save you money compared to purchasing pieces separately. Db offers various sets with practical features matching designs, making it easy to organize and identify your bags.

It depends on your needs. Hard luggage offers better protection for fragile items and is usually more durable against rough handling. Soft luggage can be more lightweight and flexible, making it easier to fit into tight spaces. Consider what you'll be packing and your travel style to decide. Discover all Db:s soft luggage here and hard luggage here

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