Hard Shell Luggage


Experience ultimate protection with our durable hard shell suitcases.

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Hard shell luggage

People opt for hard shell suitcases for their robust protection, ability to withstand rough handling, and ease of cleaning. They also appreciate the modern aesthetic and the wide variety of colors and styles. These suitcases often feature secure locking mechanisms, adding an extra layer of security for valuables. Explore Db:s durable and sleek hard shell luggage here or by scrolling up.

Hard suitcases can be slightly heavier than soft ones due to their rigid materials. However, advancements in design have led to lightweight hard shell options that are comparable in weight to soft luggage. Consider the overall weight and how it affects your packing allowance and ease of travel. Discover all Db:s lightweight hard shell luggage here or by scrolling up and soft sided luggage here.

Hard shell luggage is generally quite durable, made from materials like polycarbonate or ABS, which resist impacts and prevent cracking. However, extreme conditions or very rough handling can still cause damage, so it's essential to choose high-quality luggage known for its resilience. Explore Db:s durable and resilient hard shell luggage here or by scrolling up.

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