For skis and boards

Ski bags are traditionally bulky, difficult to pack, worse to store and just not that great to lug around. We changed that in 2011 with the Snow Roller. 

The Snowroller is our award-winning OG Db bag with Rib-Cage Technology™, our patented Length-Adjustment System™ and Hook-Up System™. It comes in various sizes depending on how long you like to travel for and the kit you want to take. 

For multiple pairs of skis or boards, the original Snow Roller Pro 127L is the perfect travel companion whereas if you prefer traveling light, opt for the Snow Roller 70L. If you’re more of a day tripper, then our Essential Ski Bag will be exactly what you’re looking for.

For hands-free travel

Our Snowrollers are designed to Hook-Up™ to almost every one of our bags, but they work best with Hugger Rollers and Duffel bags. The Hook-Up System™ is one of our award-winning technologies that allows you to daisy chain your Db bags together so you can always keep one hand free for the important stuff - like coffee. 

Stuck between a Hugger Roller and Duffel? Rollers keep the weight off your shoulders and are great for long-haul travel, but if you’re heading somewhere where well-paved roads might not be the norm, go for a Duffel. 

For the extras

Backpacks that do both. If you’re after the ultimate allrounder, look no further than The Hugger. It’s our best selling backpack for a reason, starting life as a snow boot bag before being adopted by travelers around the world - both on and off mountain. For those who want something a little more ‘Snow’ however, then our Snow Pro backpack is for you. It has everything you need for backcountry adventures, including a front-access avalanche compartment, but won’t look out of place in the streets. Got a creative streak? The Ramverk Pro Backpack 32L is the perfect choice for snap-happy skiers and boarders. It handles your lenses and camera gear easily without interfering with your ability to carve your turns. 

For your safety.

The Snow Pro vest, a backcountry safety pack intended for the off-piste terrain. Designed in collaboration with Pro snowboarder, Sage Kotsenburg. The vest comes with the Safeback SBX system - an innovation that actively supplies clean air to those trapped in avalanches - extending survival time by up to 90 minutes.


Sage Kotsenburg wearing the Snow Pro Vest with Safe Back

Team Picks

We asked our ambassadors and athletes for their top Db picks for winter travel. Browse our collection of gear handpicked by those who live and breathe mountain adventures.

Finally, master the art of traveling with these tips

Avoid the stress of rushing to catch a train or plane with too much luggage. With the smart hook-up system, you can securely attach multiple bags together for easy transport. Say goodbye to struggling with multiple bags and hello to the convenience of pulling just one.

Packing cubes are one of those things that feature in every travel hack, but so few people actually take on the tip and purchase. They force you to be more organized and make packing more like a game of Jenga - it’s amazing what you can actually fit in your bag when everything has its designated slot.

In this weird post-Covid era, airports are struggling to handle the surge of travelers hitting the skies. Lost baggage numbers are going through the roof and more and more people are arriving at their destination without their bags. With an AirTag, colorful luggage and a luggage tag you’re covering all bases when it comes down to tracking down lost cases.

If you're planning to use your boots on the first day, for example, if you have a competition, an amazing powder day, or a trip in the middle of nowhere, then carrying them as carry-on is the best option. Renting or borrowing skis can be fine and relatively easy to fix, but getting your boots with your proper fit can be challenging in case the luggage gets lost. To ensure your ski and snowboard boots travel with you, secure the power straps together or tie the laces together and toss them over your carry-on

Most airlines count boot bags and ski bags as one item. Make use of these offers incase you need to bring more stuff with you to your destination.

A small repair kit with a multi-tool and duct tape should not be underestimated. Duct tape can go a long way when ski poles break, boots are leaking, or a down jacket gets ripped. A multi-tool is also worth its weight in gold when adjusting bindings or helping a photographer remove a tripod plate from a camera.

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