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From trying to get our fractionally overweight luggage past the airline counter, queuing for hours on end to track down lost bags, sweating underneath a tonne of gear on transfer buses, or hauling kit over snow to reach accommodation - only to realize upon arrival you forgot your gloves… we’ve all been there.  Getting to the mountains with gear has always been notoriously hard, but after over a decade in the game - we’re pretty sure we’ve cracked it. After this 12 minute read, chances are you will too. 

Welcome to The Secrets of Snow Travel. A one-page wonder that covers everything from where to go, what to pack and what gear to take. Written by our in-house travel nerds with the help of our athletes Nikolai Shrimer, Sage Kotsenburg, Michelle Parker, and Marcus Kleveland.

Step 1. Figure out where to go

Welcome to the first hurdle. You want to pick your destinations according to the time of year you’re looking to travel to guarantee the best snowfall. We’ve asked around at the office, and the results were unanimous; for this time of year you can’t beat Chamonix or Mayrhofen. 

Step 2. Choose the right bags

Ski bags are traditionally bulky and long so, if you’re traveling far, we recommend using a Snowroller. Featuring our patented, award-winning Length Adjustment System™, you can tailor the bag's length to your skis or snowboard - keeping a supportive structure and guaranteed protection for your kit. All Snowrollers are completely compressible meaning they won’t take over your home or hotel room, and our award-winning Hook-Up System™ lets you connect and carry the rest of your bags, meaning you can always keep one hand free for coffee.

So what size should I choose? 
This depends on your trip and your gear. If you want a one-stop-shop, multi-functional bag for long trips or multiple skis or boards, then our original snow roller is best for you. If you’re just a one-pair of skis person and tend to leave the extras like climbing gear at home when you travel, you’re going to need the Snowroller light.

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Sorting your check-in luggage doesn’t have to be a headache.
The Db Roller Duffels like the Strøm Rollerbags are great options for almost any trip. They take the weight off your shoulders when you’re traveling, and if you use the Hook-Up System™ can take the weight of your ski bag as well. They’re more pliable than a traditional hard case, so you can stuff them, sit on them and winch them closed to end up taking more to the mountains. 

If you’re looking at doing a sail-to-ski or off the beaten track expedition, then a traditional Duffel like the Db Roamer will suit you better. They’re fully compressible and feature a split barrel design, meaning they’re easy to store, easy to carry and easy to organize - key for any Snow expedition.  

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If you’re looking for your perfect partner for a day’s skiing or snowboarding, and you need it to be able to cover both piste-side adventures and backcountry, then the Fjäll is the perfect backpack for you. 

It features a roll-top design for adaptable literage and compression when traveling or skiing, dedicated attachments for both skis and snowboards, a quick access avalanche compartment, an auto-cinching ice axe carry and a detachable goggle pouch. Designed with Chamonix local, freeskier and mountain guide Sam Favret, we worked tirelessly to produce our first backcountry icon. Technical enough to handle a full day on the mountain, yet modern and clean enough to  travel with, it’s a bag for the serious skiers and guides.

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We tend to pack our boots into the snow roller but there are two times you might want to reconsider.

(1.) If you’re really going to want your boots the first day on the ground for example if you have a competition, an insane powder day or trip out in the middle of nowhere. 

Then bringing them as carry-on is the way to go. Renting or borrowing skis can be fine and quite easy to fix but getting your boots with your fit is generally a challenge in case the luggage gets lost.

(2.) Most airlines include a free boot bag with your ski bag so if you need to bring more stuff and don’t have space in your bag or ski bag then this is a great option.

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Step 3. Pack like a pro

Watch below how Nikolai Schirmer hacks his packs. Did you for example know how to make the hook-up system into a gokart?

Step 4. Master the art of traveling with these tips

Avoid the stress of rushing to catch a train or plane with too much luggage. With the smart hook-up system, you can securely attach multiple bags together for easy transport. Say goodbye to struggling with multiple bags and hello to the convenience of pulling just one.

Most airlines count boot bags and ski bags as one item. Make use of these offers incase you need to bring more stuff with you to your destination.

Packing cubes are one of those things that feature in every travel hack, but so few people actually take on the tip and purchase. They force you to be more organized and make packing more like a game of Jenga - it’s amazing what you can actually fit in your bag when everything has its designated slot.

In this weird post-Covid era, airports are struggling to handle the surge of travelers hitting the skies. Lost baggage numbers are going through the roof and more and more people are arriving at their destination without their bags. With an AirTag, colorful luggage and a luggage tag you’re covering all bases when it comes down to tracking down lost cases.

If you're planning to use your boots on the first day, for example, if you have a competition, an amazing powder day, or a trip in the middle of nowhere, then carrying them as carry-on is the best option. Renting or borrowing skis can be fine and relatively easy to fix, but getting your boots with your proper fit can be challenging in case the luggage gets lost. To ensure your ski and snowboard boots travel with you, secure the power straps together or tie the laces together and toss them over your carry-on

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