Destinationbetween with Olav Stubberud

First off, what do you do? 
I make stuff, and do stuff

You live a life pretty much always moving. What does home mean for you? 
It's always been the place I can land and regroup. I am currently moving, so it's gonna be interesting to see if I can land in the same way when I move.

When you're on the road there’s always so many temptations. Do you have any tips on how to focus when you need to get the boring stuff done? 
For me, yes and no. It is kind of less when I am traveling. There is too much stuff at home usually, so I get more done on the road. But self discipline I have heard that is nice to have!What do you always bring on your travels?
My disposable camera.

What would you tell yourself as a teenager?
Just go hard, make more mistakes. And continue to not hurt anyone along the way.

Which is your favourite destination? 
I love Japan. But anywhere I go with my girl is on the top of the listWhat would you tell people who would like to follow your path?
Don’t <3
Follow your own

Have you studied? 
Nah :) I watch YouTube and talk to people tho.

Which stuff brings creativity to you?
Life gives me a lot of life. So I usually have to step out of the door to fill up my mind.

Do you have any packing tricks that you use while always on the move?
Make sure that your carryon looks light…. Even though it's 40kg all together.Are you sometimes reminiscing about the old days, when it was all about snowboarding and getting shots with the homies?
Always, all the time. But I love memories. You always try to find your way back to the play too.

Do you have a packing strategy for long trips like concert tours?
If it's a bus tour, I can bring more stuff, since we can put everything on the bus. If we fly a lot, I need to have the bare minimum. It's just the gear that fuck up my packing, not clothes or other stuff. I just got back 2 sets of black clothing, and I can last the next month.

What was the first camera you had?
The first ever was a Canon 650, that I still have, that was my dads. Feel like I have said different cameras every time. But I am pretty sure that was it.Did you ever format a memory card without doing a backup?
Don't want to talk about it.

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