Oslo Local Guide

Welcome to Db's newest adventure! We're thrilled to introduce our Google Maps Local Guide series, where we provide our insider tips on the best spots in places around the globe. From cozy cafes to buzzing bars, we've got you covered.

The reality of travelling from A to B is that you crave that bite inbetween, wanna get drinks after a surf session or you feel like getting inspired and go check out some stores to get a grasp for local culture.

We have had a few semi great burgers, warm ciders and inauthentic shopping experiences - and wanna spare you from now on by sharing only the good stuff with you!

Hosted by Lea at Db, who's curating these guides, our first stop is the vibrant city of Oslo, Norway. Get ready to explore handpicked recommendations from our ambassadors, friends, and the Db team themselves.

This is Db's curated selection of what to do, whether you're a local or a tourist. We're dedicated to enabling smooth travels, and these guides are designed to make your experience seamless.

So, join us as we uncover the gems of Oslo. And stay tuned - we're just getting started. Amsterdam, you're up next

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