Traveling by plane, train, or car can be great; you can put your headphones in, read a book and disappear from the real world while you travel, or, you can meet new people - chat to the strangers next to you and turn them into lifelong friends.  

Traveling can be super chilled, but it can also be hectic. There are certain mistakes we all know to avoid when we travel; pack everything the night before, lay out your passport somewhere obvious, check and triple check whether you need any visas for your destination, and of course - don’t eat anything which could make us spend way too much time on the toilet. 

Battling stomach problems when traveling is not something you need in your lives so we have learned from our own experiences and those of friends and come up with a list of things you absolutely should not eat before a flight:

Don’t eat something for the first time

This is one of the biggest mistakes. It’s nice to try new food and visit a new restaurant in town, but you should not do that the day before you travel. You never know if that new French restaurant next door is using the one ingredient that will make you feel sick. So rule number one; eat something that you’ve eaten before

Mexican, Moroccan and Indian restaurants

Don’t get me wrong. I love eating in all of these restaurants, but they’re also the highest risk for messing up your digestion the next day. Especially if you order something a bit more spicy or something off the specials board.


It might sound obvious, but just leaving it here as another reminder.


There’s two reasons why not to eat nuts before traveling. One, they could make your stomach bloated, and the second one, they can get stuck in your teeth which is just annoying when your way somewhere. 

Too much coffee

Coffee is great and a lot of people have to drink it every morning, but just make sure that you don’t go too crazy before your trip. It’s known to get things moving and also, you don’t need too much stimulation before being stuck on a plane/train/car.

This is far from being written by any professional or specialist. It’s just a personal opinion and some learnings from a *few* experiences. If we missed any, let us know! In the end, we’re all about risks so sometimes you may want to treat yourself to a Korma or falafel wrap, but doing all the above before traveling?  That’s too much risk - even for us.

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