Just because you’re heading off to study, it doesn't mean you have to give up your time in the water. We’ve trawled the internet and spoken to our student community to come up with the top 10 cities where you can have the best of both worlds. 

Lisbon, Portugal: 

Lisbon is one of our favorites. If you haven’t been before, take it from us - go. In terms of schools, you have a load to choose from and they’re all close to the famous surf spots of Carcavelos and Guincho. 

For everyone, who wants a proximity to the mountains but a city with bubbles beyond the traditional “shred-bubbles”, Munich is a nice option. Big plus: Munich’s quality definitely increases in summer with multiple parks and spots to jump into freshwater rivers flowing through the city.

Biarritz, France:

The Basque Country is beautiful Imagine being in a charming coastal town in the Basque Country, where prestigious universities and world-renowned surf breaks like Côte des Basques make it the perfect spot for both learning and riding epic waves.

Peniche, Portugal:

 With its famous surf spot Supertubos, is like a dream come true for students and surfers alike, offering the perfect blend of studying and riding thrilling waves, all within reach of Lisbon's universities and a vibrant surf culture.

San Sebastian, Spain:

San Sebastian, a captivating city known for its culinary delights and stunning beaches, provides an ideal academic environment at the University of the Basque Country, while also offering the exciting opportunity to ride the waves at surf breaks like Zurriola Beach.

Galway, Ireland

This vibrant coastal city is home to prestigious universities like the National University of Ireland, Galway, and is conveniently located near some of Ireland's best surf breaks along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Ericeira, Portugal

It's no wonder that Ericeira holds the title of Europe's first World Surfing Reserve! The atmosphere here is so laid-back and relaxed, making it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the waves. And the best part? I also have access to quality education in Lisbon, just a short distance away.


Newquay, United Kingdom

Situated on the picturesque Cornwall coast, Newquay offers a thriving surf scene and is home to the Cornwall College Newquay, providing epic educational opportunities in marine and environmental subjects.


Tarifa, Spain

 this incredible place known as the wind capital of Europe, where the air is filled with the thrill of wind sports and the vibrant surf culture surrounds you. It's like living in a world where the wind becomes your friend. Tarifa not only offers amazing adventures, but it also has language schools and universities nearby, giving you so many exciting academic options to choose from.

Aberystwyth, Wales

A place surrounded by breathtaking hills and an incredible coastline that takes your breath away. It's where Aberystwyth University, a place filled with exciting academic programs, becomes your second home. And guess what? Just nearby, you have the most amazing surf breaks like Borth, making it the perfect destination to study and catch thrilling waves in beautiful Wales.

Hossegor, France

This amazing place in southwest France that has everything you could dream of – awesome schools where you can learn all day and epic surf spots like La Nord and La Gravière where you can catch the most thrilling waves. It's the perfect place to study and ride waves, all in one incredible destination that feels like a dream come true.

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