8 Snow films to watch over the Holidays

Hopefully you're settling into the winter holidays now and able to detach from school, work, life in general for a few days at least.  If, like us, that means missions to the snow there is nothing like coffee, breakfast, sun coming up over the mountains and watching a new snow film.  So with a bunch of great new ones dropping we put them all in one place so you have your pick ready to go.  Let us know your favourites and we can do a second post including them all.

Glacier - Sage Kotsenburg

If where you live has a park up already this year you’ll want some inspiration and this edit “Glacial” from Sage Kotsenburg delivers just that.  A hauntingly beautiful song from Lee Hayward combined with Sage’s riding with the talented Jeremy Thornbug on the tools this has a great early season vibe from Saas Fee.  We just dropped Sages collection so make sure to check that out with our partners at Blue Tomato and Backcountry

Eleven by One - Korua Shapes

This year we’ve spent a bunch of time with Aaron Schwarz, creative director from Korua Shapes, including filming a Pack Heavy, Chase Light episode with him.  He told us about an upcoming project with Morgan Maassen surf film maker and this year guest creative on their new project Eleven by One.  We asked Aaron about the project

How did you take this angle for this film?

Morgans approach to film-making is inherently different to ours – while we’ve been chasing each other down the slopes and focusing on a fast-paced follow and lead cam aesthetic, Morgan takes a step back and observes / captures everything in a way more detail-oriented way, not only the act of snowboarding, but all aspects that surround it like weather, scenery, environment, and snow itself. Collaborating with Morgan was a perfect opportunity to turn things around and offer a unique take on what a Korua film could look like through the eyes of someone fairly new to the snow world. 

A Part of US - A film about love

"A short ski movie about love". A documentary and ski movie following Jacob and Sofia Wester through the Norwegian mountains during a record winter, as they chase unskied peaks and powder snow. This film takes a closer look at the fears and doubts that arise, when serious danger and risk of death is ever-present. Watch it here.

Bahamas - Beyond Medals

Next up is one of our long time favorite crews, Beyond Medals and their new film Bahamas featuring Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundstrom and many more.  They capture the vibe of riding with your friends so well, the music is always on point, each film is long enough for a coffee, breakfast and a stretch (20 mins) and little known fact, Kevin actually edits the film himself.  Not bad to do alongside winning X Games medals and running Beyond Medals apparel brand so we caught up with him to ask about the film

We love Bahamas! You always seem to capture the essence of riding with a crew of friends so well.  What's your favorite section in the film and why?
Thanks so much! I love to watch all my homies ride but if I have to choose one part from Bahamas it would be Sebbe De Buck’s.  It was his first year only focusing on filming and not doing any contests. He was so motivated and really put in the work to make the part as good as it is, banger after banger with the best style on the market.

Free Rider - Jerome Tanon

We’re long time fans of Jerome and his work here.  Who could forget arguably the best snowboarding film ever made “The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding”? Well, now with Sam Anthamatten and Victor De Le Rue he is back to show us what Freeriders are made of, of course in his own inimitable style and wit.  We need to do an event with Jerome so we can invite some DB Black members to meet this legendary member of the snow scene.  Note to self….

Austria - better than Alaska? - Nikolai Schirmer 

We recently had Nikolai join us on a team meeting to walk us through the steps of making a film like this and he is one of the most engaging, funny and knowledgeable people in the space.  “You need a struggle to overcome” was  his mantra in the films he makes to ensure its captivating for the viewer.  “Way too many films become banger after banger, but you need some story, some thread to keep people interested”.  In this he explores Austria and lifts the lid on some terrain that will have people forget about heli skiing in AK and committing to skinning up in Austria this winter.   Watch and enjoy here.

Sam Favret - Wolf

If you like your skiing steep and deep then this is for you.  From the mind of Db Ambassador and big mountain charger Sam Favret this is follow up to FLOW.  “Everything is back to normal... But why do we feel that we've lost something? “ WOLF is a feeling, about mountains and skiing.  In partnership with Black Crows this film will have you ready for the steeps in no time.  Check out the Fjall, designed in partnership with Sam in Chamonix the last 3 years..

Many Fantasies Later - The Bunch

We frequently hear that if you work harder on your current project and make an attempt to approach it differently, you will see significant progress. And this movie is an illustration of that. You can tell as soon as you start watching it that the crew took their time, prepared every shot, and undoubtedly spent many hours editing in order to produce this kind of masterpiece. Enjoy.