If you are based in central Europe, you must have said at least once in the last week “damn, it’s so warm today”. Even here in Scandinavia the heat is real and we had to buy extra fans to keep the office cool-ish. 

We all get excited when there's the first day of real summer, with high temperatures and no clouds. However, we also like to moan about the heat and conversation soon switches from how nice it is to have some sun to how people are managing not to sweat 24/7.

I’m a huge fan of the heat, but often do find myself wishing it was a bit colder. Turns out everyone in the office is the same. I ended up doing a bit of research into the 10 places you can actually get out and enjoy summer in - you know, the ones that won’t leave a sweat stain on your back from your backpack. 

1. Iceland

The clue is in the name. Iceland is one of the best places to visit in the summer. It’s not too cold, not too warm and you also have 24/7 sunlight which means you can sleep during the day and visit all the tourist hot spots at night (why do this? No crowds). If you decide to go to Iceland, hire a tent, rent a car and drive the whole circumference of the island. You can camp anywhere meaning this will be one of the most memorable trips you'll take.

2. Scotland 

If you haven’t been there (like myself), summer is apparently the best time to visit Scotland. Similar to Iceland, you have long days and the temperature won’t go too high. There’s plenty of castles to be visited, roads to be cycled and bars for beers to be grabbed. Tip: pack insect repellent. The summer Mozzies are real.

3. New Zealand

If you just want to snowboard or ski, can’t handle the sun at all and just want to wear coats and jackets, then you should visit New Zealand. The winter there is just about to start so we can guarantee you that you’ll stay cold.

4. Chile 

Similar to New Zealand, Chile is known as a ski destination in the European summer months. It offers insane terrain, with many lines that have never been skied before, and a culture that will always bring a smile on your face.

5. Norway

Even though we are wearing shorts and have the AC on to the highest setting in Oslo, we still want to add Norway to the list. To escape the heat, you’ll have to travel way more north than Oslo so head to Lofoten - you can’t go wrong.

6. Antarctica 

If you end up there, please let us know. We would love to hear more about that story.

7. Faroe Islands

One of the most picturesque places in the world. But there’s much more to do there than just taking nice pictures for the ‘gram. There are a boat-load of activities to do including kayaking, hiking and trail running, and if you get lucky, it's a great destination for surfing too. There’s a selection of super tasty restaurants, so we can guarantee you’ll have a good time.

8. Sweden

It’s far from being cold in Sweden at the moment but, there’s this one place where you’re guaranteed to beat the heat. If things get desperate and you can’t take the summer sun anymore, book this hotel for a week and call it home. Pack your thermals.

9. South Africa

Even though it might sound warm, South Africa it’s actually a great place to visit during summer, with the country experiencing winter during this time of year. Whether you decide to go there to surf, to move your office there for a week or two, or just go to explore new cultures, you won’t melt in the heat or get bored.

10. Ice Bath

If you’re unable to travel due to work or other reasons, an ice bath is our final suggestion. Unsurprisingly, they’re great at bringing down your body temperature and will keep you cold for a good few hours after.

To end with make sure you drink enough water, don’t commute too fast to the office so avoid arriving a sweaty mess, seek shade from trees and buildings but most importantly, appreciate the sun. Even if it makes us sweat like hell, it’s still making our lives brighter and happier. 

// Tin

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