We all have moments where an opportunity arises at the last minute, and we are not sure whether to take it or not. It happened to me recently, during a chat with the Aethos hotel in Portugal - the destination for one of our Db Black prizes. 

The idea was that we do a giveaway for our Db Black community and take eight winners to the Aethos hotel in Ericeira for three nights. Simple, easy and something everyone would have been delighted with. However, an opportunity to host a Db Creative Workshop with the winners while we were there popped up and as much as I wanted to say ‘yes’ - there was a very large part of me that just thought it would be too much. We were only a week out of hosting the event and it felt like too much to organize, too much hassle and that we’d be better off skipping the workshop and letting the Db Black winners just enjoy being in Ericeira. 

In the run up to the event, I had a call with Jon, our CMO. He told me one of the best bits of advice I’ve ever been given - that I didn’t have to fret about the workshop being ‘perfect’ and that it was better done than not at all. So, four days before the event, we decided to press play, test the concept and see how it turned out.

Now, 48 hours later, I am so grateful that we decided to bring that workshop to life. Ericeira turned into one of those work trips where you arrive on site and are greeted by strangers but leave three days later completely inspired with eight new friends. Even though myself and the rest of the Db team were in charge of hosting the workshop, we let our giveaway winners walk us through their ideas and thoughts about marketing, products, and life in general. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can have a look at the video recap here, or if you would like to be notified about the next one, sign up here

As I mentioned before in some other postcards, there’s nothing that I love more about my job than meeting our community in real life, getting to know them and spending time together catching waves or brainstorming about new Db products. So this event was kind of like all my favorite things about work packaged into one weekend.

In the name of Db, I would like to say big thanks again to the Aethos team, and our Db Black members Nika, Louie, Katharina, Luis, Bex, Jona, and Nick for making this one of the best work trips so far. 

On to the next one. 

/ Tin

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