My summer top-10

I wanted to share a list of my 10 favorite things about summer.

1. Warm nights

2. Ocean water drying into a salty crust on my eyebrows

3. Bare feet on the hot dirt

4. Boats of any kind

5. Dry, pine-scented alpine air

6. Snow-melt plunges

7. BBQ’d corn on the cob with butter and salt

8. Sun-stiffened wetsuits in the back of the truck

9. Water from the hose that starts off hot but then gets delightfully cold

10. Slip ‘n’ slides

I wanted to share it because, even though it’s foggy right now (San Francisco vibes), it made me feel warm and happy. Perhaps the exercise would work the same for you?

That’s all. I hope you have a great day.