You might remember a few months back when I mentioned The Anti-Blueprint Project, a coffee table book created by Db’s own Jonathan Weaver. It features interviews with people taking unconventional and inspiring life paths.

Well last year, as part of JW creating his own path, he relocated his family from Portland to Portugal. Better surf. Better weather. Cheaper.

“We decided to go on Saturday and were gone on Monday,” he told me last weekend, as we sat around a long table celebrating his son’s sixth birthday.

Many of the other guests shared similar stories of what brought them to this sleepy surf town, the collective group making up a mini-UN, with bare foot dignitaries from Scotland, Brazil, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium, England, Germany and the US.

As everyone took turns singing happy birthday to Jon’s son in their native tongue, I thought about how birds of a feather flock together. Dana and I were given a snapshot of this great community that’s united by living life differently. And even though we were just guests — sure to return home and get jobs soon enough — just knowing it exists, and that it’s possible, and that it’s a rich life, will surely leave its mark.