Blank Slate Date
Thoughts on the upcoming calendar change.

I recently saw a friend post something like, “The universe doesn’t care that it’s going to be a new year soon” and it kinda pissed me off.
Sure, the difference between today and tomorrow is the same as the difference between December 31 and January 1, and the world’s problems won’t magically evaporate, but since when did we get so logical?

What’s next? Are we going to start dismissing birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s and Father’s days? I hope not. We need these special days — that are technically like any other days — to be excited about. To help us take stock and reflect on life, and what is important to us. To buy some Champagne and drink a bit too much of it.

2020 is winding down and it’s irrelevant that the universe doesn’t care about the calendar switch. I care. You probably do, too. It’s been a doozy of a year and I'm looking forward to a NYE toast and a blank slate, no matter how symbolic. Because hope is in the eye of the beholder, and my vision is beautifully blurry.