Benjamin Ortega

“There is a massive misconception around vlogging. I think because it’s selfie-style people think it’s selfish. They don’t see it as creative. Yes I vlog, but I see it as more cinematography than vlogging.”

Benni has always spoken candidly about the misconceptions that surrond vloggers, and to be honest - it was never something we'd really considered. In the filmmaking world, you can split out the industry into certain career paths. There are the silver-screen specialists, the documentary makers, the commercial specialists, the cinematographers, the FPV wizards, the photo-journalists and somewhere at the bottom, near wedding filmmakers, are vloggers. The creative industry has always been judgemental. By nature it's a world where you can only better your craft with constructive criticism. Judging a person's work is one thing, but juding their personality based on their niche - that's a whole other ball game.

Our second episode of Pack Heavy, Chase Light is out and Benni takes Sam to Venice Beach for lunch while telling him all about his life on the road, his career and the project he's most proud of. Don't miss it.

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